Our Services

The right team for the right task

As an indenting house, we specialize in import trade and our services are very useful to the importer. Though importers are free to place orders directly, most of them prefer to make use of our services. The importers trust our knowledge and connections with the principals/suppliers and depend on us to get them the best price they can afford.

Our principals find it advantageous to appoint us as their agents in India as we are very much conversant with the local requirements and customs of the trade. Claims and complaints, if any, owing to breakage, inferior quality, defective packing etc., become more effective if handled through us as we can broker a resolution efficiently and fairly.

Therefore, we serve as an integral link between the Indian importer and the foreign exporter. If you are a foreign manufacturer looking to break into the Indian market or improve your market share, we can provide the following services.

Our Services

  • Product Marketing
  • Product Registration (DCGI)
  • Indenting and Sales Support
  • Representation and Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Site Visits and Audit Planning
  • Payment Dispute Resolution
  • Patenting Procedures Advisory & Referrals